Women Inspiring Change & Community Development (WICCD) is about the beauty, strength, and peace of collaborative efforts to secure Women's Rights. We support the ability to overcome the struggle for equal opportunities in the workplace and employee benefits, women's reproductive and fertility rights, the urgency to stop all forms of violence against women, and the enhancement of strong relationships.

WICCD symposiums are professional development conferences about women’s rights and struggles designed for those who seek ideal aspirations, goals, and mission objectives in their professional careers, advocacy work, and personal lives.  This is about content, not fluff.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND OUR EVENTS:  Women who want to refine your skills, understand women’s struggles, gain strategies to prepare for and negotiate better deals, energize the advocate within yourself.

Women who attend will leave better prepared to:


Let us hear from you! Please visit our 2017 SURVEY and provide feedback for the future events.

Highlights from the symposium  WICCD: Equality, the hard fight  September 16, 2017


If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

-- Margaret Fuller

We featured the opening of the We Are Women Project. This is an exploration into the daily lives of women through a 30 day photo journal. The project will cross cultural, racial and gender identification boundaries. -- Melissa Day, project curator.

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